Licu, a Romanian story

Licu, o poveste românească
Ana Dumitrescu
83 min (2017)
Feature documentary
Two laurel leaves from the DOK Leipzig 2027 Festival with write: International Competition, Golden Dove
«Licu, a Romanian story» is about the life of a man lost in history. A 92-year-old man having outlived major historical events such as war, peace, communism, the revolution and post-revolution. He has suffered, loved, laughed and cried for over 92 years. Licu is a feature documentary, but above all it is a movie about the passing of time and old age. A reflection on our own condition and ephemerality.
Licu’s story, like most stories, is subjective. It is not a movie about History but a tale whose Hero is named Licu. Each of us, at one moment or another, will identify with the events in the film.
Licu’s life-story could be anyone’s story. It radiates universality.

Licu’s story is filmed behind closed-doors. At his age, he has remained alone with his memories. However, the film is filled with characters and life. Loulou, his wife and the love of his life, is a lively presence. So is Viorel, his beloved brother, who passed away at the age of 37…

In the house, the surrounding objects are a constant presence and seem to become alive assuming the role of real characters. Each object is a character in itself: the house defying time, the pendulum that imitates the heartbeat, the television set that fills the silence...

Each sequence in the movie is conceived like a photograph in an album. Today will become tomorrow. The present has already become the past. Licu is an invitation to opening the book of time.


  • Black and white photograph of Licu looking to the right of the image. He is holding a cigarette. In the background, slightly out of focus, the pendulum of a clock.
  • Black and white photograph of Licu, a 92-year-old man staring into space. He is sitting on a chair.
  • Black and white photograph of Licu on the left, sitting on a bed. His face is not visible. His hands are crossed. The right hand is holding a remote control, the left is resting on the right knee.
  • Black and white photograph of a pigeon through a window, hidden by a curtain.
  • Black and white photograph of Licu leaning on his bed with his right arm. He is watching a radio-CD. Albums lie under his right hand. In the background, a photograph of his wife is on a bedside table.

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Director: Ana Dumitrescu
Cinematography: Ana Dumitrescu
Sound: Jonathan Boissay
Editing: Ana Dumitrescu
Sound Editing: Jonathan Boissay
Sound mix: Mathieu Nappez
Cast: Liviu Canter

Production: Jules et Films
Romania • 2017 • 83 min • Black and White • Scope 2:35 • DCP 2K • Sound 5.1 Romanian
French / English subtitles availables
French distribution: BarProd


DOK Leipzig 2017 (Germany) / Golden Dove International Competition
Cronograf 2019 (Chișinău, Moldova) / Prize I - CadRO
Nomination "Best Documentary" - GOPO Prize 2019 (Romania)
Nomination "Best Documentary" - Gala UCIN 2019 (Romania)

Krakow Film Festival 2018 (Poland)
ZagrebDox 2018 (Croatia)
Solidarity Tel-Aviv 2018 (Israel)
CineDoc Tbilissi 2018 (Georgia)
Make Dox 2018 (Macedonia)
Free Zone 2018 (Serbia)
Making Waves 2018 (New-York, USA)
Forum des Images / Saison France-Roumanie 2019 (Paris, France)
The Rise of Eastern Culture/ Another Dimension - Festival din Białystok 2018 (Poland)
TIFF - Transilvania International Film Festival 2018 (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
One World Romania 2018 (Bucarest, Romania)
Serile Filmului Romanesc 2018 (Iasi, Romania)
Astra Film Festival 2018 (Sibiu, Romania)
Festival de Film si istorie 2019 (Rasnov, Romania)


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